About Me

I graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in May 2021 magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications and Digital Journalism. I am currently seeking a full-time position in communications with an emphasis on the environment and public policy. Growing up in the shadow of Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains, I gained a deep appreciation for the natural world. I've been to Guatemala to study Spanish, to England to learn about Shakespearian acting and history, and to New Zealand to intern at the Wellington Zoo. These experiences have furthered my understanding about the importance of history, culture, environmental conservation and the influence public policy has on all three.

VCU has given me an in-depth education and the opportunity to gain critical experience. As a reporter with VCU's Capital News Service, my articles have been circulated through the AP wire and published in major media including The Washington Post, Virginia Mercury and US News & World Report. Through VCU, I joined Keep Virginia Beautiful as an intern in January, 2021 and have since been hired to work as a communications coordinator.  I also volunteer, participate in community theatre, hike with my dog Xena, read voraciously and look for opportunities to continue learning and leveraging my talent to inform and inspire others.

News Release: Keep Virginia Beautiful Throws Down a Pickup Challenge with Annual “Shiver” Fundraising Event

Richmond, Virginia (February 2021) – Keep Virginia Beautiful (KVB) has opened registration for Shiver in Virginia, a reimagined version of its annual Shiver in the River festival that has been KVB’s largest annual fundraiser since 2015. This year’s initiative is designed to be COVID-safe and give people more choice in how they can contribute to the beautification of their communities. Shiver in Virginia runs from February 27th until March 31, 2021.